Our Mission and Vision

  • Mission

    The District is organized and operates as an Elementary District serving the educational needs of children in grades K through 8 and others as required by the School Code.

    The District enters into and participates in joint programs and intergovernmental agreements with units of local government and other school districts in order to jointly provide services and activities in a manner that will increase flexibility, scope of service opportunities, cost reductions, and/or otherwise benefit the District and the community.  

    The Superintendent shall manage these activities to the extent the program or the agreement requires the District's participation, and shall provide periodic implementation or operational data and/or reports to the School Board concerning these programs and agreements.  

    LEGAL REF:  Ill.Constitution, Art. VII, Sec. 10.

    5 ILCS 220/, Intergovernmental Cooperation Act

    ADOPTED:  September 26, 2022

  • Vision

    The School District, in an active partnership with parents and the community, will promote excellence in a caring environment in which all students learn and grow. This partnership aims to empower all students to develop strong self-respect and to become responsible learners and decision-makers.

    The School District is committed to developing and using a visionary and innovative curriculum, a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, and sound fiscal and management practices.

    CROSS REF: 2:10 (School District Governance), 3:10 (Goals and Objectives), 6:10
    (Educational Philosophy and Objectives)

    ADOPTED: September 26, 2022